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Re: Sudde death w/ no symptoms or warning, really heart attack?

The reality is, that unless you had an autopsy done, you will never know the real cause.

But people die from heart attacks very day who had no symptoms. One name for it is silent ischemia.....heart problems that are "silent" with no warning signs or pain. In men, many will experience shoulder pain and chalk it up to doing too much when in fact, it's a heart attack happening. Some many have jaw pain and figure it's a bad tooth and put it off or call for an appointment with the dentist...and never get there as they die from a heart attack.

This kind of silent heart attack runs in my family. Both of my grandfathers dropped dead without a single pain or even a noise...just dropped. So did my uncle, in the middle of a business meeting. Another died in his sleep. Two cousins have died form this as well despite us all knowing about at work and the other in her sleep. So I have regular tests to see if they can detect anything going on. I know the chances are that I will never feel it coming until it hits.

Heart attacks like we see on TV are just that...TV heart attacks. Most are nothing like that. So take the gift he has given you and watch your heart before any symptoms arise....because they may never arise. You too may have the same problem...symptomless heart problems.

I'm sorry for your loss and even more sorry you feel as if the medical community has lied to you. But he in all likelihood, died of exactly what the doc said, a massive, "painless", "symptomless", heart attack. He just left out a couple of important diagnostic words.


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