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Re: Getting to the hospital

Even if it did happen to beat at 200 bpm for a day, you will most likely still be alive. During which time you would have been to emergency within the first hour of that day, and hospital staff would give you one of many drugs to correct an abnormal rhythm.

Hearts are an amazing thing, and they can beat really fast for a long amount of time.

So once again if it does beat fast for a really long time you will be fine, and have plenty of time to seek medical help.

You really need to get those 8 million thoughts out of your head and get back to living life. Because it only takes 1 of those 8 million thoughts to freak you out while resting, shoot adrenaline into your heart and make your heart go a 200 mph.

Same affect when someone all of a sudden scares the heck out of you.

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