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Please, I need advice.. CAT scan shows no Lymphoma. Should I still be worried?

I have swollen lymph nodes/glands in my neck, arm pits and groin.
I have extreme fatigue and weakness.
I lost 6 pounds.
I have some minor pain that comes and goes in my chest, ribs, stomach and back.

HIV test negative. Mono test positive, but doc says I may have had it before, but it's not active so mono has been ruled out.

All blood work is normal.

Based on physical exam, blood work and a CAT scan with contrast iodine, my hematologist/oncologist tells me I do not have lymphoma or any other cancer.

I drilled him. I asked over and over again "are you sure?" "Do I need a biopsy" etc etc..

The DOC said he was certain. He was positive. Said the CAT scan would have showed it as clear as day. Repeating and reassuring I do not have lymphoma.

Obviously I was happy, but I cant help feel like he's wrong. That I should still be worried.

I want to trust him, but I just can't.

Should I still be worried?

I have been feeling "slightly better" the past few days and have gained maybe 1 or 2 pounds back.

However, the lymph nodes are still swollen.

Please, I need advice.

Thank you.

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