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Re: Can't stay asleep

I can relate to this. I hope you are not having as difficult a time as me. I have been waking up after 3 or 4 hrs for months and it had progressed to where I have been feeling incredibly fatigued and tapped -- such lack of energy that my capacity to take care of my work and solve my own problems day to day is affected.

If you suspect you could possibly have sleep apnea, I recommend you don't fool around and get a sleep study... most people who have apnea are not aware of their own continual arousals overnight and just feel the brunt of it during the day.

Another things you can do that may be very relevant is get your Vitamin D checked. Especially this time of year in Oz you might be doing well, but you never know... you could stay out of the sun a lot, or not absorb it well....anyway people do have deficencies and proper sleep can be a casualty.

Hope you get some better sleep!