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plan b/4 neg tests/preg symptoms

MY partner and I had sexual relations 3 times: Dec 2, Dec 4, and Dec 8. None of these encounters involved actually having sex. On the 2nd, we had a really intense makeout, and Dec 4 and 8 we 'simulated sex' with 3 layers of clothes on. I know he pre-ejaculated on all occasions, however I don't know if he actually ejaculated. Since we simulated sex and he was touching me in my vaginal area and his pants were probably wet from pre-ejaculate (possibly ejaculate), I'm really scared of the chance of pregnancy!
I had missed 4 pills in a row of my birthcontrol a couple days prior to the incident (chance of me ovulating), therefore I took an extra pre-caution and took emergency contraception Dec. 6 and again on Dec. 10 (after the last 2 incidents). Consequently, 5 days after taking the last Plan B, I got a 'period' that lasted 5 days (my regular lasts about 6-7). During the time of my period, it was heavy the first 2-3 days and then got really light the last 2 days and I also experienced cramps.

What initially concerned me is that the week after I ended my period I started experiencing mild lower abdominal cramping and heavy discharge that had a drop of blood in toilet paper a few times. To ease my concern, I took a pregnancy test 2 weeks after what would have been 'conception' and it came out negative.

I was still worried because I was still experiencing lower back pain and cramps, so I took another test 18 days after would have been "conception".

Still not convinced, I took yet ANOTHER test 1 week ago (26 days after 'conception'), which still came out negative.

What concerns me NOW is that 3 days ago I went to the ER for experiencing burning pain under my ribcage where the esophagus meets the stomach. It wasn't my gallbladder, and the doctor said it might be an ulcer. What I'M concerned about NOW, is that it might have been heartburn, which is an early pregnancy symptom. Yesterday, 2 days after the hospital, I had back pain around the area of my waist especially my left side?

Sorry to be so graphic, but today, after a bowel movement, I wiped and there was blood on the toilet paper. This concerned me because I'm not supposed to start my period until friday or saturday (on birthcontrol). I'm sitting down right now and feel like i'm experiencing mild cramps. I don't know if I"m paranoid and just tricking my mind into thinking I'm feeling this. I've also been experiencing this spotting throughout the month since after I took the pill.

I really hope I'm not pregnant, that would be the worst thing that could happen to me, but I'm hoping I can receive some honest answers. I've contacted my gynocologist as well as speak to my general doctor and they say they doubt its pregnancy. I just really need some second opinions and hopefully more reassurance. Thank you, I will appreciate any feedback you can give me!!

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