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Re: Bad Breath Cure

I have had BB as long as I can remember. I have tried everything, including Dr. Katz, brushing many times per day, flossing, scraping my tongue and trying several different tongue scrapers, all kinds of mouth washes including Smart Mouth and Therabreath, neither of which worked. I spend 20 minutes on my routine, brushing with an electric toothbrush, flossing, scraping, rinsing and then my bad breath returns in a few minutes. I feel the odor is coming from back in my throat not from my mouth. I have seen several dentists who all say my mouth is fine and I should not have bad breath... I do have post nasal drip and allergies. I clear my throat a lot. I saw two ENT's one of which said I had reflux and put me on Prevacid. Three months of that didn't cure my BB. The other one did a culture on my sinuses and said it came back negative. Cat scan of my sinuses came out negative. I asked him about tonsil stones and he laughed and said my tonsils "looked fine". I asked him about getting my tonsils removed and he just said...oh no, you don't want to do that as an adult. Besides, he said, the insurance won't pay for a tonsillectomy for just BB.

I have tried sinus rinses, saline sprays, cortisone nasal sprays and nothing helps my PND or BB. I went to an allergist who tested me and said I didn't have any allergies. I went to a gastroenerologist and asked him about H-pylori, because I read that can cause BB. He tested me for that and it came out negative.

I saw my internist last week for my physical and mentioned my BB. He seemed like he wanted to help me but he just told me to use Listerine, as if I've never tried that. Then he told me it could be from a dry mouth. He totally contradicted himself when he told me to try an antihistamine for my PND. Now, wouldn't that make my mouth even drier? Then he asked me if I could be just imagining the BB.

I know it's for real because of the way people react when I'm near. They back away and offer me gum and mints. When I bent down to kiss my granddaughter, she said...Nana, you smell like poop. Sometimes when I speak, someone asks if someone passed gas or they go to check the baby's diaper. I can smell it myself sometimes when I clear my throat or blow my nose. It kind of smells like horse manure. I now that sounds gross, but I smell like a horse stable.

I think my BB is caused by sinus disease or tonsil stones, or both and I can't get a doctor to help me. They don't think BB is a real problem. They act like it's just a nuisance ailment. They don't realize how much is affects people's lives.

I don't know if I have tonsil stones. I've tried to look at my tonsils but my tongue gets in the way and I gag. I can't seem to see that far back.

Has anyone gotten their tonsils out as a adult and gotten rid of their BB?

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