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Re: Heart issues/sinus tachy

Hi, my daughter has IST (started 4 months ago). She was also very fit, active and played high level sports at intensive level. It is really frustrating and debilitating. My daughter also gets bad headaches, fatigue, overheats, sweats profusely, shaky and feels nausea a lot. it has been life changing for her. She is nearly 13 yrs old and it came on suddenly (she was not sick nor had a virus). Her heart is normal and so far all blood test normal. It is very frustrating for her as like you she just wants to get back to normal and do the sport and exercise she loves. First cardio said IST (cause unknown or could be post viral) but he was too busy and we could even make an appointment to get results from 24 hr holder monitor and discuss his recommendation to start beta blocker if IST persists.
I wasn't happy to commence her on meds without even actually seeing the Cardiologist so I have taken her to another Cardio for more information and second opinion. He said lets wait and see if if gets better by itself. We see him again next week. 2 wks ago She has started 25mg of metoprolol as she was really upset and wanted to try the beta blocker - which is only helping slightly but don't really know how affective it will be has has not been training or playing sports. I have trawled the web and really frustrating as no real answers or treatment to make it go away. She is walking the dog and I took her to hydrotherapy pool to do some exercises in the water? Don't know if this will help but will try anything. The doctor did say to not go back to quickly and train too hard as need to do graduated return to exercise. I think this sounds reasonable so maybe you could try light exercise to try to maintain a little bit of condition in your body. If I were you I would definitely get another opinion as sometimes I think they are quick to not investigate once they know the heart structure is normal. My other advice would be to take a break from exercise as the more my daughter tried to push through and keep playing the worse episode she would have and then be unwell and extremely fatigued for days. How long have you had the symptoms for? Have you tried anything that has helped.