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IC misdiagnosis? please help!!

My urologist has diagnosed me with IC from just listening to my symptoms. Im frustrated and think this may not be whats going on! From everything I have read my symptoms dont match. They are as follows

BURNING!! all the time, NOT when I urinate but very similar to how a UTI feels. This lasts for MONTHS when it flares up. I dont feel urgency or any back pain. The only way really to describe it is I feel like I have some sort of infection such as yeast, bacterial, or a UTI. I have been sent back and forth to my gyno and urologist with it. Tests always come back clear, no bacteria or yeast in urine or vag. I have it every day and some parts of the day it hurts worse than other times when I can ignore the burning. Does this sound like IC?? What else could it be??

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