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Re: Can't stay asleep

Originally Posted by BrienE View Post
Yes, I did... I lay there anxiously for 5 hrs... was not impressed... but there is a detailed chart of my stages of 'sleep' for this period and there were apneic events. I don't read about people in their 20s dealing w sleep apnea though... do you have a bed partner or a way of recording yourself, perhaps w a cheap digital recorder or even video... an apneic event is where a person stops breathing because their pharynx collapses, tongue falls back, and blocks passage of air or -- the brain stops sending mssg to breathe...

Indeed, cheers and hope we will sleep better. I am not thrilled at strapping on a mask at night to sleep, however at present sleep is better (or even possible) with it than without so for now I use the CPAP....

For natural approaches, melatonin has helped me in the past, but I kinda have to use it fairly early, not 1:00 AM I figure! Also have used Tryptophan, a precurser to serotonin...

but hydroxyzine is a relatively gentle script approach, it is not as heavy as ambien and at least in my case, it lets me dream. Best to you, sleep well...
thanks for reply. I might record myself sleeping (great idea). If I record myself sleeping with audio or video, how would I know when an apneic event occurs, I know you stop breathing, but what exactly to look for on video, or listen if audio?