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Re: Root Canal Problems

Originally Posted by Gellia View Post
Part of the problem with having a root canal is frequently they use a nerve block to obtain pain relief. The nerve is right in the angle of the jaw and that's where the injection goes. So are all the muscles of the jaw. The needle has to go through the muscle to the nerve and the novocain solution extends the nerve and therefore the muscles.
Then you hold your mouth open for an extended period of time.

The muscles have a tendency to go into spasm and can be very painful in exactly the way you describe. Warm compresses and gentle massage can greatly help as can, from what I hear, chewing gum (obviously on the other side).

It should go away in a week or so. Sorry you hurt. It is pretty common though.

GOOD LUCK and I hope you are pain free soon.
Thanks for the post but now I've gotten extremely worried. The tooth is, once again, extremely sensitive to heat. It's only been a week since I've had the root canal done. I'm about to say screw it and let my teeth rot.