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I'm hotttttt !!!!

I am losing it. I can't stand these hot flushes, they are making me crazy!! Last night, all night, no sooner had one ended, the next one began! I wanted to cry, scream, throw something. I'm embarrassed at work, I can't talk or be with co-workers because I am having one every few minutes. It's so awful when a male co-worker says out loud...."are you having a hot flash? You are sweating." I just want to crawl into a hole. I tried the black cohosh and it didn't do anything, but I'm going to give it another try because I need to do something, this is ridiculous. When does this end! When do I get my life back? Do I ever get my life back? I'm depressed, irritated, hot, sweaty, angry and I don't want my husband to touch me at all.
I don't smoke, drink or eat junk food. I am not overweight and I exercise regularily. Whyyyyyy meeeeeeeeee?????

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