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Re: going through the basal joint surgery process - at least, my story

Originally Posted by csidney View Post
OMG Janet ...I bet we have the same hand surgeon. My consultation was in Baldwinsville. My surgery is scheduled for 1/26. This board has been very helpful and I'm sure you will get answers to all your questions. I did learn here that this is a very tough surgery and that information wasn't translated at all during the initial consultation. Hope things get better for you. (((hugs)))
My Dr is Dr. Short. He's with SOS. My PT is at Physical Therapy Plus on Rt 31. Her name is Beth. It is the hardest surgery I've ever had but mostly because you really need help for so long. I'm coming along but the hard cast really is tough on your wrist. I noticed here that some don't have a hard cast. Who is your Dr? Good luck to you. I pray this is all worth it. The first 2 weeks are rough then it gets better. Just plan on a long slow recovery. it'll be 2 months this week for me and I still have no strength but I'm doing more and more each day. Good Luck!