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Diagnosed with Bell's Palsy 11 days ago


I am writing this to help share my experiences with others who will also get Bell's Palsy in the future and hopefully to continue to learn more for myself.

I am 35 year old, very healthy male. I first started experiencing a headache behind my left ear right along my hair line. The pain wasn't too bad, just persistent. After 3 days I was starting to get a little concerned but didn't think too much about it until the bell's palsy symptoms started setting it.
First thing I noticed was my left eye felt dry, and what I didn't realize yet was that it had stopped blinking. Moments later, the left side of my mouth and gums area started to tingle. Shortly after that I was eating dinner and could tell something was not right as I was having difficulties. After looking in the mirror I could see something was wrong. My first thoughts (because of the persistent headache I had) was that I could be having an aneurysm or stroke. I went to the ER to get checked out, I've never been so worried about my health in my life and have never fault numbness like that in my face.

As soon as the doctor saw me and I explained to her my symptoms she said I had a classic case of Bell's Palsy. They did an EKG, Cat Scan and Blood work and said everything was fine. I was prescribed Prednisolone or Acyclovir and was told that the majority of the time it temporary and I will be back to normal in 2-3 weeks and that most of the time it wont come back.

I am currently on day 11. For the first 7-8 days I experienced no movement on the left side of my face. Over the last couple days I've noticed ever so slight movement increasing each day, like 1% gain a day. My left eye hasn't improved much and still is virtually impossible to fully close without assistance of my finger. I put drops in several times a day and some days aren't so bad, so days it hurts and I have to stop and take breaks to close my eyes through out the day. My headache also comes and goes. I've been taking advil to help, but when it wants to flare up I still feel it pretty good. Everything else I consider cosmetic. My smile still looks extremely funky so I try not to smile or laugh when talking to others. If I talk low my speech is pretty much normal. All in all if you didn't know (and didn't notice that my left eye wasn't blinking) you probably wouldn't tell... until I smiled, which is the dead giveaway.

After I was diagnosed I started doing a lot of research, reading forums and watching videos diaries on ******* from people who were documenting their progress. Some things scare the hell out of you, seeing people who take up to a year to get back most of the way to others who either have it come back multiple times or worst, never fully heal. I assume, most of the people who have it for a couple weeks and recover fully likely never take the time to post where as the people who deal with it for a long time or have a worst outcome have a higher likely hood of writing about it. So if you just found out you got it don't freak out like I was doing when it seems like every other person is saying "this is the second time i got it" or "it's been a year since..." etc. However in the grand scheme of things, a hell of a lot worst could have happen to us even if it did take a year or was permanent.

Fortunately for me I work from home, and don't have an office or outside sales job. I'm not in high school or college where you have to deal with peers at a younger age which can be tough, which I am sure is hard on those in their teens and early 20's.

I will be documenting my progress here and more than happy to answer any questions anyone has who just found out that they got Bell's Palsy. If anyone else who has gone through this had success and has any tips please feel free to share. One thing I noticed reading this forum someone mentioned trying "sublingual methyl B12 tab 1000 mcg, with folic acid." So I just went out and bought some to give it a try, seems like it can't hurt to try. I will let you know if it works for me.

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