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HPV Not STD No Sex Without Protection

I bet that when you google information about HPV, you'll find at least 5 or 6 ranked government websites including the CDC. I knew of a 7 year old girl who is NOT sexually active who has HPV. You'll probably read this an say "ITS BS" but unless you give me some sort of substantiation that Its Not some Brazen Marketing campaign, with scientific proof i cant believe it. *IMO*, Saying that HPV is STRICTLY an STD is wrong and goes against the Scientific Universal Principle of Nature. Think about this, what other "VIRUS" have you ever heard of, that transfuses through blood, and lands itself on the genitals every time?! Thats like winning the slots every time you pull the lever. That doesn't even make sense. This is ripping marriages apart!

So before you make an angry post in reply to this thread, stop and think to yourself if you have any scientific proof that its an STD and hopefully you can help clarify the confusion amongst us all.

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