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Re: How can I tell if stomach symptoms are pointing to GI problems or possibly OC?

Hi Leogurrrl,

I'm not an expert (but have done TONS of reading on the topic ever since my issues started - first with an ovarian cyst which has since resolved, and now with a persistent ovarian mass that they can't identify and for which I'll now be getting an MRI).

So anyway, from what I've read about ovarian cancer symptoms is that they tend to be persistent (ie: once the symptoms appear, they don't just go away), and they tend to get worse over time.

So if you've had issues that have flared up but then gone away for long periods of time, and then come back again, I'm guessing it's more likely something GI-related.

Regardless of the cause of the symptoms, it sucks to be having pain in the first place.

I hope you're able to figure out the cause of your symptoms soon!



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