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Re: Palmar erythema and normal blood work

Hey There

soo sorry to hear what you are dealing with,

Palmer erythema with liver dieses usually will present itself with portal hypertension, portal hypertension will present itself in mid to late stages of liver dysfunction. if you had mid to late stage liver dysfunction, they would show in your blood work ie: bilirubin, ggt, alk phosphate, ast, alt etc.

its possible that this could be associated with your thyroid (hyperthyroidism) your doctor would need to measure your TSH, free t3 and t4, anti-thyroid antibodies, anti-microsomal-antibodies.

you need to be calm and try and look on the positive your liver enzymes are fine which most likely means this could be realted to a completely benign issue, but you should have your thyroid checked to rule out any thyroid problems.

**Please note this is meant as advice coming from experience i have had... and in no way should be taken as sound medical advice...only a certified MD can diagnose any problems after thorough examinations***