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Re: Palmar erythema and normal blood work

Thank you so much for the info! I had read about coffee and am now drinking at least three cups a day! I have replaced my nightly beer habit with it....pretty sure that's one of the reasons I can't sleep! I also have high blood pressure, and have definitely had a spike this last week after I quit drinking. I am truly hopeful that is the reason for the suddenly burning palms. As I said earlier, I have no idea how long they have been red but I think I would remember if they were burning before. I only noticed the burning aspect of the palms on day four after my last drink.

Good to hear about the eggs and the butter...I love real butter! I will definitely stop frying so much as well. Raised in the south and that's always been a way of life in my household! I am willing to do whatever I can to try to save my liver.

Weird that I started noticing some of my symptoms only after I stopped drinking. I would never drink until nighttime so I would think I would have noticed some of these things during the day before. Truly has me scared out if my wits! I'm driving my husband crazy....I have been relentlessly reading about palmar erythema for days....usually the same websites over and over. Definitely not helping with my stress level!

I appreciate your advice so much! Hope you are also doing well! Hate that you have gone through this too, but I am glad to hear that someone else has had this and they didn't have cirrhosis. I have read others stories regarding living with cirrhosis and it is truly heartbreaking.