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Re: How can I tell if stomach symptoms are pointing to GI problems or possibly OC?

HI, 24kbear - no, I haven't read your post, but I am going to go back and read it. I honestly don't know if mine are truly ovarian pains are not, as they are further down in my groin, though from what I've read pain can be 'referred pain', so even if it is in my groin and not actually over my ovary, the source *might* be from the ovary. Of course I have had a history of kidney stones that also tend to be in the groin and not the typical kidney area, so it is truly very hard for me to decipher what is what.

When I get the GI pain, it is mainly just awful, acid-y burning across the bottom of my rib cage, sometimes with nausea, sometimes not..........and I can almost feel heat coming off my skin if that makes sense, especially in that same area. It's almost like I have a fever, but the thermometer says otherwise. I have NEVER had gastroenteritis until my whole family came down with a bug in 2010 and while I eventually recovered, it came back months later for two months, left for five months, and now is back. I truly am beginning to think there is no connection with the ovarian/groin pain, the more this goes on and as I sit here and type this and think it through. I just want answers, you know??

I'm sorry you are having issues. I hate to hear of so many who are struggling, whether they know what they are dealing with or still trying to figure it out. Life can be pretty tough sometimes, that's for sure. I hope that we all have more good days than not. I am going to look for your post so I can read more. Thank you for sharing your experience with me

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Hello, leogurrl...

I, too, have had GI problems that have gone away for years and come back. You may have read my post about Gastroenteritis and Ovarian Cysts? I really find it very "coincidental" that I have never had ovarian pains in my life (during ovulations) but in the past 3 years when I'm not supposed to be ovulating (b/c I have a Mirena IUD) that the two times I have been in the ER due to gastroenteritis, I've had ovarian pains (this last one was confirmed as a cyst in a CT scan). I asked the GYN if there is a relation and he was QUICK to say not at all. He did give me an ultrasound and the cyst had already shrunk from 2.8cm to 0.9 cm in a little over a week, so that is good news. He did not do an annual exam, so I think I'm going to schedule it with a different GYN and ask her if there is a relation.

Do you have other symptoms other than burning? I normally do not, but the week prior to being admitted into the ER (on both occasions) I had lower left groin pain and excessive gas where I am VERY bloated and is not helped with GasX. This is why I don't believe I had "food poisoning" during those times...normally, you get symptoms 2-8 hrs within eating the bad food. I would go with your normal DR or GI DR since you already went to the GYN. If the normal DR thinks there is too much of a coincidence, then he/she can refer for certain tests from the GYN.

Hope this helps!