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heart problems? please help

Hope I am on the right board.

I am a 24 year old non smoker.

The worse kind of chest pain I get is a squeezing pain right side above breast. When it happens get scared ,sweaty. The first time this happened was about 6 years ago. First time got it got on ground and cried was scary and didnt know what was happening.

I Also, i randomly get short,sharp pains same location which happens frequently this past year.

Lastly I get palpitations at-least every week. It feels like my heart "JUMPS" /Flutters.

I got an EKG A couple moths ago and was fine yet doctor didnt want to do anything more.Said could be gas.
I would like to do other tests to be sure.
I was thinking maybe could be from acid reflux /heartburn?
I cant live with this pain anymore. Makes me worry too much.

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong or have had any similar experiences?

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