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Smile Re: going through the basal joint surgery process - at least, my story

Originally Posted by csidney View Post
Hi everyone. Just a shout out to say thanks to all the kind people here who have taken the time to advise and help prepare me for my upcoming surgery. I had all my pre op workup on Friday and was cleared for the surgery on the 26th of January. Not looking forward to what's ahead but at least I am much more prepared for whats to come. Special thanks to Haydena and a few others that helped encourage and enlighten me. I promise to check in as soon as I'm able.

ADKLADY and Janet ....hope you both find some relief sooner than later or that time flies so so you can wake up and look forward to a pain free day.

I am still having some pain at night. I wore a brace for activities and at night until last week when I saw my Dr. It did help. I still use heat and ice. My Dr sent gave me a brace when the cast came off, then the therapist make me a more comfortable one to get on and off. I'm at 2mos. now and see an end. To others having it done soon, you do need help the first week especially. You need to have food prepared, loose clothes, etc. My therapist gave me an icepack that looks like an ace bandage. I love it. I keep it in the fridge not the freezer and it's ice cold and easy to wrap around. After you're off the pain pills, it gets a little easier. I felt once the cast came off, it was just the beginning. My hand didn't move at all. I had screws or pins in as well so having them out was a relief but painful. I need my left hand done but it won't be too soon. Good luck to everyone here. We'll all have our quality of life back in 6 mos. Good luck to all and accept all help!