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Re: Getting approval from doctor for disability

BlueSkies14 and MsCat40,

Thank you for the reply. I have not applied for SSDI as I am not sure how my health will be at the end of the STD period. If my health is not good, I will speak with my doctors' regarding LTD.

I don't know if my Immunologist through Kaiser will put me on CVIG tx, as she is running more lab tests on me to get the overall results regarding my immune system. She said depending on the results, she might take other courses of treatment.
She said she wanted to put me on a low dose of antibiotics for a long time and see how this works. I mentioned if the course would interfere with lab results and she said no. This is hard to understand, as I have had antibiotics thrown at me for 20 years, and really want to get to the root of the problem.
She is hesitant to put me on CVIG tx too early because if it is not the best tx for me, retesting lab work later would not give accurate results, so she wants to be prudent.

I am hoping with my CVID, depression/anxiety, and neck/back issues that if I need LTD later, that my doctors will support me. It is unsettling to think what would I do if they did not. I don't want to return to work if my health is still in jeopardy, otherwise i could lose my job.
Also, an interesting thought is once someone is approved for CVIG tx with insurance companies, if they go back to work, what happens if they lose their job/insurance, or, what happens if they change jobs and the new insurance co. through the new job will not approve CVIG tx or there is a pre-existing condition clause. This is of major concern, because I could get sick without tx and wind up where I am now.
This would be a very good reason to apply for SSDI because in two years could get Medicare. Medicare will not reject this tx, correct?

Have you all experience the above concerns before? what good course of action did you take? Where your doctors supportive of LTD and SSDI?


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