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Question Prometheus test results - serology negative, genetics high risk...

I recently had the CELIAC PLUS Prometheus test, after one week gluten free. I knew this put my test at slight risk but I had to try the gluten free and my Prometheus kit got delayed in the mail. I am 38 yo female. I was diagnosed years ago with IBS, which progressively got worse after my last 2 pregnancies.


Deamidated gliadin peptide antibody, IgG (DGP IgG) <0.4 EU/ml (<4.9EU/ml)
Deamidated gliadine peptide antibody, IgA (DGP IgA) 0.3 EU/ml (<6.1 EU/ml)
anti-human tissue transglutaminase IgA ESLISA (TTG IgA) 0.2U/ml (<10.3U/ml)
anti-endomysial IgA IFA (EMA IgA) Negative (Negative)
Total serum IgA by Nephelometry (TOTAL IgA) 123mg/dl (44-441mg/dl)

Conclusion - celiac disease unlikely if patient is on a gluten containing diet and is IgA sufficient.

Celiac Risk Genes Detected:
DQ2.2 (HLA DQA1*0201, DQB1*0202) and DQ2.5trans (HLA DQA1*05)
Category #7 DQ2/other high risk gene, increased risk 16X, relative risk VERY HIGH (range of 1 (extremely low) to 8 (extremely high))

Overall summary interpretation is celiac disease unlikely, does not preclude development of disease. BTW, other than understanding the genetics indicate a higher risk, I don't fully understand those exact genetic markers.

A few weeks into my gluten free diet, my life has changed. I no longer have D 5-10 times per day nor the labor like intensive abdominal pains when going to the bathroom (like passing out type pains). All of my vitamin levels were low (B12, vit D, hematocrit, hemoglobin, ferritin, iron, etc). I am on weekly B12 shots and seeing a hematologist this week for possible iron infusions to get my iron stores back up to more normal levels. I believe I had a significant malabsorption issue given my symptoms and blood test results.

I guess I am a bit upset about my serology, but I do understand these are not 100% accurate and the fact that I was gluten free for five days. I guess I wanted the label to go along with my horrendous symptoms...

I do have 3 children, would people agree that they should be tested? My kids are currently eating a gluten containing diet. I am the only one so far that has decided to go gluten free. I spoke to my PCP, she recommends sticking with gluten free diet.

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