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Re: Just relating..Hair falling out for about 4 years now : ( Telogen effluvium

Originally Posted by StayGolden View Post
I am only in my mid twenties and my hair has been coming out a lot when I wash it and when I run my fingers through my hair I get a lot of strands coming out. I don't go bald the hair always grows back but it is thinning and not full like it use to be. I was addicted to coloring my hair..I colored all the time until one time my hair was like straw and another it turned to mush. So about two years ago I cut all my hair off I mean completely so I could start over. When my hair started to grow a little the hair loss started again. I do have very bad dandruff that will not go away. I don't know if thats why but my eyelashes come out a lot too so IDK. The dermatologist said if was telogen effluvium but I don't think so it has been going on for way too long..they sayunfortunately some ppl may have it for years..well hope this will help.

I hope it is ok to post this definition ********* says:"Telogen effluvium is a scalp disorder characterized by thinning/shedding of hair resulting from the early entry of hairs into the telogen phase.[1][2]
Emotional or physiological stressful events may result in an alteration of the normal hair cycle.
Telogen effluvium may be caused by eating disorders, fever, childbirth, chronic illness, major surgery, anemia, severe emotional disorders, crash diets, hypothyroidism, and drugs.[1][3]
Diagnostic tests, which may be performed to verify the diagnosis, include a trichogram, trichoscopy[4] and biopsy.[3]"
Hi Golden....funny you should mention eyelashes, I've noticed where my are thinning also...are you using a wide tooth comb? I've read that when your hair is wet, it stretches and using a fine tooth comb can aggravate the hairs with the pulling, so I brought a two sided comb, one side with super wide teeth, I use that side first, then the other side with not so wide teeth and I use that second, then lastly...I use the finer teeth helps with the tugging....I've been thinking about getting it cut shorter, it is now just past my ears and going really into a pixie cut....still would be less stressful not to see the longer hairs fall out was not such a bad day....but the scalp is still using just baby shampoo with no conditioner was causing my hair to look more like straw and I used tea tree conditioner and it seems fuller today....I find that using some conditioners are too heavy and make my hair look greasy and not as fluffy...I'm on the hunt for this new stuff called Intra Force by Redken check it out when you long do these bouts last for you at a time?

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