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Lower Cholesterol naturally (cut eggs? increase fish oil?))

I just had my blood work done and cholesterol is a little high.

I eat fairly clean 90% of the time. No processed foods, no white bread, not a tonne of meat, and only a little bit of sugar (in ice-cream or dark chocolate).

I do eat 2-3 eggs a day with lots of scrambled veggies (favourite lunch) but the doctor said I should cut down to 4/week. But I don't eat much red meat so I would really miss the protein. She suggested egg beaters (egg whites) but I like the yolk and have read that's where all the nutrients are.

She recommended increasing fish. But not necessarily fish oil supplements. Studies have shown that eating whole fish helps raise HDL (the good cholesterol), but there's not enough research to prove that fish oil supplements will raise HDL.


I'm Canadian so numbers maybe different than USA but I've indicated normal ranges in brackets:
LDL 3.93 (normal range is 1.5 - 3.39)
HDL 1.01 (should be higher than 0.9)
Total Cholesterol 5.75 (normal range 2 - 5.19)
Total ratio is 5.69 (should be less than 4.9)
I'm 38 yr old.

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