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Re: Shortness of breath with Period

Honey, you ARE correct in your assumption. The other respondent has NO clue. I would have your iron storage levels checked. I have always had 'normal' tests yet when I had the storage checked it was at 02; should be around 100 or better. The only reason I asked about that was because I gave blood and for two weeks after, felt like I was having a heart attack, just could not breathe and it took one month for me to resume my normal activities. Never had it before, nor after. So I knew it had something to do with that. I asked a nurse when I was going back to give blood and she gave me almost the exact same response that this other person did and told me I was; in so many words, stupid to even think that could be a reason. so I didn't give blood and went to my doctor. After tests, he told me NEVER to give blood and hope that I don't need a blood transfusion. Not only was I virtually depleted of Iron, but vit D, which when I started on meds for them, I noticed a huge difference. Like you, during my periods; for me was fatigue and couldn't eat. Please go to the Dr. because that is NOT good and have them check for things they may not normally do. I went to a couple dr's before one did just that and didnt say that I was not the Dr. so, yes, I do believe you are right!! You know your body; no one else