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9 year old nephew issues: selfish, no empathy, few friends, poor student

Wife and I have been concerned for many years with his development. He is an only child whose mother works 12 hour days and is more concerned with her career. Father is never around and is very selfish with little regard for his son's development. Parents treated him like a plant as an infant. Fed him and left him to fend for himself in front of a tv. Nanny spoke a foreign languauge and kept the house clean. She didn't work with his development at all. He never made many baby noises or had expressions as many babies do aside from crying. As he grew and started to crawl then walk at age 2 he was always behind a chair or hidden behind the tv being very quiet and away from people and any interaction. Never any baby talk or expressions of laughter. Many of his uncles, aunts and family friends became aware of this unusual behavior. But the parents never listened or seemed to care. They would acknowledge it and would fail to act on it. So, he is 9 years old and really acts like a 5 year old with his interests and development, he is very selfish, lies often, is very sneaky, shows little empathy toward other children, enjoys other children getting hurt and crying cries like a 3 year old if he doesn't get his way, has few friends, gets bullied at school yet doesn't want the bullies to get in trouble because they are "his friends", has sensory issues--doesnt like to be touched. I can go on but isn't this enough? Any thoughts as we need to open our mouths so his parents get him some help. Thanks.

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