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Re: is this a lifelong fight?

Hi Saddie

Just wondering how you are going and you have had any chance of further investigations. My days have been busy but only a couple of weeks ago many attacks in one week and throwing up again. Have subsided now. I have no recollection of why they happened at the time. Again, debilitating, needed to rest. I have done no further investigation. Got tired of myself i gues. Take care

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Hello Saddie098
You don't know how good this feels to find someone to talk to after all these years.Being similar age group and growing up in the same era is a help to be able to discuss on the same wave length. My family and my partner (0f 3 years) if I ever mention anything of my episodes look at me like I have 2 heads, seriously, and then I question myself. Yet, the attacks are so vivid and so real and to the point of the physical reactions of throwing up and debilitation of sleepiness and weakness. Their reactions hurt me sometimes. Talking partners, I have been married a couple of times and my recent person yes there has been physical but not for some time as they know this is it. It's like we attract them or that is what we are attracted to because that is what we know. My mum and dad I now as an adult see both sides of the story now and yet there is no excuse for physical I can see my dad's misery and more than likely depression for his reactions but again no excuse for the physical and apparently hit my sisters and I copped a small abuse toward the end (which my memory has erased). I never used to until the last few years but I have lived a miserable life. If I'm saying too much tell me bu, t do you have silly things that bring on attacks? Mine are pink towels. Sometimes I can get away with looking at one but most of the time they bring on an attack. I think why? We had pink bed covers at home when I was a child and I wonder if it were them? I will look up the website but I know it is an Australian one but there is surely one over there but they state no need to tell them what is happening to you, your symptoms, your past which I am dubvious of. My psychologist talked of deep hypnosis and I have heard under hpynosis that it can be pretty daunting so for the person doing such I would think that they would really need to know the person's history. It would need a little investigating before going into this maybe via your doctor. Let me know what you find. Good luck Saddie