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Re: I hate my chin!

Hi. Have you spoken to an orthodontist or a maxofacial surgeon? Maybe it's something to do withyour jaw which may be corrected. I would have to see a photo to see what's going on. Start with those two doctors. If they can't help go to a plastic surgeon which specializes in facial surgery.

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Hello, I'm new to this site, so please bare with me.

I know I'm still only young, but there's something that's really getting me down in life. Ever since highschool, my friends have commented on my chin, I didn't have any worries about my chin before highschool, and they used to always laugh at how much it sticks out, and the fact that I have a "bum" chin.

It's got so bad that I hate people looking at me from the side of my face, and I find myself lowering my head so it sticks down rather than out.
When ever I see a picture from the side of my face, all I do is cringe, and want to cry. My brother even commented on it the other day in his own words saying "woah your chin is huge" I laughed it off, and then my mum told him off, so she must have picked up on my dislike of it, because I haven't ever mentioned this to her. In fact I haven't even mentioned this to anyone before.

I don't know quite what I'm asking, I'd just like to know is there any options for having a chin reduction when I'm older?