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I need help desperately, please !!!!

Hi all, I'm sorry for the urgency of my title thread but I am so in need of help with RLS. Here is my story:-

I have suffered with this for a number of years but could control it. I knew that antihistamines, certain alcohols and other medications triggered it off. I would get this gnawing feeling in my legs and sometimes my groin and couldn't do anything but get up and then eventually go back to sleep when the tiredness overtook me, which could be as short as up to an hour later.

Unfortunately, I had my appendix out just over two weeks ago. Every night since this operation, I have had severe RLS. I was on Tramadol for the pain for the op and found that this taken when the RLS got really bad did make my symptoms subside. I went to see my doctor last week and asked about Dopamine antagonists and he said he was reluctant to try me on that due to the problems that they cause. I told him that the tramadol had worked and he said I could take these a few times a week but be careful not to get addicted.

The problem has intensified this week with me getting completely exhausted on Thursday and becoming quite depressed, (I have suffered with depression and anxiety in the past). I was crying for a lot of the time that day and was so hacked off with the RLS. My wife gave me two Temazepam that she had and I slept all night thank god. I then did some research and found that Valerian had worked for some people and also Magnesium, so I got some from the herbal shop. This had no affect at all this night and I am up at 0300 in the morning writing this. I tried a hot bath and cold wet towel on my legs and also one Temazepam. I have now just taken some Tramadol and am waiting for this to kick in.

I am so exhausted with this now and am not a good person when I don't get sleep at the best of times. Please people who have any advice where do I go from here ? Any comments and advice are most welcome.

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