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Extraction or Root Canal?

I am 84 yrs old and have all except my wisdom teeth. Over half have fillings, crowns and/or root canals.
I retired 23 years ago and went to a dentist off/on since then.
I quit the last dentist 6 years ago because he decided to replace a crown that turned out to be in good condition. It was just old like me. I never went back after paying the $1,100contribution to his lifestyle. I brush daily and use dental floss 2-3 times daily. I am also a Vegetarian. About 3 weeks ago I started getting a sharp pain in one of my molars. I found a new dental practise and got xrays, and teeth cleaned. A week later I was examined by another of their expert? and told my molar (#18) had a crown and was in good condition. The pain was probably coming from the root and this ocassionally happens after a considerable length of time. During the week between visits the pain became just a dull ache and tender but no sharp pains. The cure recommended was a root canal through the crown for abt $1,200 cash (I have no insurance) or wait it out and see if the sharp pain re-appears. I chose to wait it out. That 15 minute consultation cost $120. OK folks, here is my question. If the pain comes back should I have the root canal done or have the tooth pulled. Remember I am 84 years old and don't give a d**n if there is a little gap between my teeth. The missing molar won't be seen either.

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