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Re: Just got diagnosed with anal warts/HPV many worries

I can't answer all your questions, but I have read that even if there is no wart present, HPV can live on the skin. You may never get rid of the virus, it may just lay dormant in your system and appear again when your immune system is low. It's possible that you are infected with high risk (cancer causing) HPV strains also. but you will have no symptoms and there is no medical testing for males. Your wife can have a negative Pap, but still have high risk HPV, she needs to get an HPV/DNA test. It might be a good idea if you occasionally go to a dentist who tests for HPV related pre-cancerous lesions in the mouth to be on the safe side, just in case you did get infected with high risk HPV because you could be at risk for oral and other cancers, high risk HPV can be transmitted in saliva via deep kissing, skin to skin contact, etc. penetration need not take place.

I guess your wife should keep getting tested regularly because both of you will never know if you are carrying high risk HPV or not unless she tests HPV positive or you develop HPV related pre-cancerous lesions in your mouth.

As you can see, your comment about bringing "a small risk" into your marriage isn't necessarily accurate. Additionally, research indicates that even low risk (wart causing) HPV may cause the DNA that protects against skin cancer from the sun to turn off in some people, so it might be best for you stay out of the sun.

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