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Re: Drowning out the Negative Thoughts

I have a similar problem to some of the issues in this thread. Much of my depression and insecurity is caused or begins with negative thoughts. One would hit me and then came the onlslaught that started me to spiral downward. Pretty soon I was a mess. I've been on Lactimal and was recently prescribed Cymbalta to help slow me down b/c Geodon and Latuda were making me feel drugged in the morning. Saphris was a total disaster. Worst I've ever felt. Just lately, I've been finding it easier to recognize the thoughts that cause me to take a nose dive, catch them, and begin thinking about something positive. My wife used to tell me, "think happy thoughts," and I would become angry thinking it was a "Pollyanna" attitude. Now the idea doesn't sound so bad. I'm not perfect and when I around my co-workers that I often perceive as enjoying saying things that make me feel like crap. When this starts, I try to quickly find a way to leave. I'm around high school kids all the time. I tend to read into their expressions too much. I think, "they hate me," and really they probably don't its just the negative thoughts creeping in. The thoughts use any and every opportunity to take me down if I let them. Maybe its just easier for me. Maybe the bottoms going to drop out any day now and life will feel like crap again. I hope not.

Anyone else feel this way?