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Re: Getting approval from doctor for disability

If you are diagnosed correctly for CVID (history of repeated infections, low IgG and IgA and/or IgM, and then do not respond (make antibodies) to vaccinations of pneumonia and/or TDAP), then when you switch insurances there would be no issues getting IVIG (Intravenous Immune Globulin). I have CVID (am also on Kaiser insurance), am a single mom with very limited support, work 10 hours a day and own my own home. If indeed you do have CVID, typically once people are on fully on treatment (6 months to a year) , we lead very normal lives.

Your doctor was correct in starting you too soon on IVIG. If you are not properly diagnosed, insurance will force you OFF treatments for 6 months and make you go through the diagnosis process again.

CVID is on the list of conditions that warrant disability, but it typically comes with years of documented, frequent infections, multiple hospitalizations, and more.

Should you test positive for CVID, please make sure to encourage your doctor to run a CT scan to check for lung damage (bronchecatasis and nodules). Take care.

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