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Re: Need to learn about CP

Honestly many of the kids I know who were given a grave prognosis turned out to be so much better than expected. I know one little boy who's parents were told he'd never walk or talk and he is both walking AND talking, it may not be the same as every other child but he is a prime example that only time will tell what they are capable of.

There are kids out there that have quite marked brain damage and have very little symptoms, then there are kids like mine that have no or minimal damage and have significant issues.

In the beginning we were told that Aleacia only had very mild CP, that best case senario she'd walk with a limp, worst case senario she's use a walker. Sadly it turned out much worse than that but even now if she's sitting in a chair (no wheelchair in sight) you wouldn't know she's got CP, even doctors who don't know her think she's only got it mild until they see her try to move. We were so blessed that she has no vocal or swallowing issues... this gives her the ability to tell us when she's in pain or uncomfortable or to make us laugh (she has a wicked sense of humour).

Aleacia still can't roll over in bed, bunny hop crawls, last year (age 4) she learnt to use her tone to cruise around the lounge and even get herself up onto the lounge. Last year she also started to use a Dash walker (like a Kay walker), she can go very short distances but I know that will improve.

I've yet to put one of her in her Hart walker, they are a mechanical miracle.

So please don't listen to the doctors, they don't know... give your little guy time and lots of love and therapy and prove them wrong. You will soon be crying with pride at each little accomplishment he makes, just like I do.

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