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Re: going through the basal joint surgery process - at least, my story

Originally Posted by Haydena View Post
Thanks you Janet for your kind words.

No need to feel down; honest. I have been where you & Adklady are & I do understand what you are going through. You need to be kind to yourself Janet & to your hand & wrist, to allow them to heal in their own time. Some of us
take longer to heal than others & there is absolutely nothing you can do about that.

I read your post where you write that due to packing your hand & wrist are hurting. I advise you to buy a soft splint & wear it when you use your hand for the packing you need to do.(You can buy the soft splint from any good drug store) For typing & for anything else you may have to do with your hand. The soft splint will give your hand & wrist the support they need. Just dont wear it all the time & never sleep with it on.

I dont know if you read one of my posts to Adklady suggesting her to order a homeopathic cream online called Arnica. It helps the swelling go down, it helps the bruising fade, it helps with the pain aswell. I used it 3-4 times a day & I swear by it. All you do is rub it on your thumb & well into your wrist.

Also I suggest you continue, no matter how utterly boring it is, with your hand exercises at least 3 times a day.

Have a wonderful 2 months break down south & enjoy the sunshine. Please continue to let us know how you are doing as we are always interested to hear from you.

Hugs & continue your healing with ''patience''




I forgot to tell you how to find the homeopathic cream called Arnica online.
You google ''homeopathic remedies'' you will find Arnica cream or Arnica montanna or montana. It's a cream with herbs from the mountains.
Its worth it to order it.


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