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Re: I seem OK till it comes to Adult/Complex Conversations

Hi all. I'm back.

I started getting help for finding a job in the Rehab thing. They don't quite get my disability so it's kinda hard. The woman that they gave me to help me, is a recent college graduate or something with no experience And she doesn't seem to have a clue what to do. As she was talking i didn't understand her nothing and yet she's talking about doing interviews and this thing that is precisely where i have failed all my life. So i'm gonna ask my speech doctor to talk to them and e xplain to them my thing.

Aside from that, I applied for disability. but no parental suport. they still talking to me about getting great job so that i get benefits. uhhhhhh...they don't get it that i can't get a great job because most great jobs where they pay benefits are big companies usually hiring people who have great communication skills.

They are never gonne get it. i really don't know what to do. But anyways, if i were accepted for disabiity, then i'll start getting money and how do i explain to parents about it.. they just gonna get angry at me. saying that i have no disabilty

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