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Re: Heachached Everyday Since last July Help?

Im sure 9 times out of 10 it is not serious. But nobody should have to live like this.

The only way i was diagnoised was b/c i "Insisted" i be refered to a specialist..i saw many neurologists & ENT drs. i had an MRI done to rule out anurism (like you said)

my brother died of a brain anurism.

I had at least 4 hearing & balance tests as well, b/c i also have some hearing loss. after 11 yrs i was finally diagnoised with MAV.
so dont expect a quick answer to your migraines. it is such a vague symptom, its really hard to pin-point the problem with migraine sufferers.

If you find your dr does not seem to be doing much to help you, then I would EXAGERATE your symptoms.
Try not to stress about it as stress can make the migraines worse.