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Looking for lay-opinions, please!

I am researched to death and could use some opinions! My history is long/detailed and I SO appreciate time and input/thoughts.

I've been struggling for a while now and I'm frustrated. To start, I am a 45 year old woman and in otherwise good health. When this all started I considered myself an, not so much.

Four years ago I weighed nearly 300lbs and I went through a medical weight loss program. I lost 140lbs through diet control and exercise and I felt AWESOME! I signed up to run a half marathon (on 10-10-10, my first race ever!) and about 6 weeks before the race I started having pretty significant left hip pain. I went to my family doc and he said bursitis and I got a cortisone shot. That didn't help and two weeks later I went to a sports med doctor who put me on 20mg prednisone daily to get me through the race (2 weeks). I did the race and came of the prednisone but the hip pain was still present. A physician/runner friend of mine suggested I try a chiropractor who does Active Release Technique and I did. I saw the chiro for about 2 months and it helped but didn't get me back to 100%. In December 2010 I quit going to the chiro.

In January 2011, I started having significant pain in my wrists as well as loss of strength in my fingers - not painful but they felt very weak. I noticed after a few weeks that I'd started using a jar opener to avoid the grasp because it hurt my fingers. I was also having trouble with my thumbs - significant sharp pain that prevented me from using my "opposable thumb." Dr. Google made me suspect de Quervain Syndrome...and of course all this led me to possible RA. I have a family history of auto-immune issues (maternal aunt had debilitating RA, possibly a sister with mild RA, and my other sister had MS) so I went back to my family doctor. Without me voicing my suspicion he poked on me, pulled on me, and said I have RA and ordered testing for RF. He told me that it was very early and that he suspected it would come back negative. He gave me a script for Mobic and sent me on my way. The RF test came back negative and I didn't feel like the Mobic was helping. I went back to see my family doc to discuss the negative result and that the Mobic was not helping and he told me I don't have RA. My head was spinning this way and that...I have RA, I don't have RA...ACK!!! I was done trusting my family doc and I asked for a referral to a rheumatologist. He refused to give me one. I came home and promptly scheduled an appointment with THE ONLY rheumatologist in town who accepts patients without a physician referral - it was SIX MONTHS OUT.

February 2011: I started having right heel pain. I was running/walking 35-40 miles a week and figured plantar fasciitis so I did everything for that - stretching, ice, rest, etc.

End of March 2011: I messed up my left knee, the knee ortho said that the meniscus was badly frayed but not torn. He offered "wait it out" or surgery, I opted for "wait-it-out." I quit all exercise for the month of April (2011). During that time, the bum left knee put tremendous stress on my right foot/heel and the plantar fasciitis got really bad.

May 2011: Back to working out and the plantar fasciitis was awful - I was barely able to put weight on my right foot by the end of the day.

July 2011: I was preparing to do the half-marathon again and I went to a sports med doctor to resolve the foot pain. He was concerned about a stress fracture. We did an MRI and it ruled out a stress fracture but showed a good case of plantar fasciitis. I got a cortisone shot in my right foot and he put me in a cam-walker (removable boot) for ALL weight-bearing activity.

August/September 2011: Wearing the boot for ALL weight-bearing activity, it helped but not completely. I went back for a check in the end of August and had a NASTY case of bursitis in my left another cortisone shot (that's three so far if you are counting).

September 2011: Less than two weeks after cortisone in left hip, I had a flare of bursitis SO BAD that I was completely immobile and near tears - this one in my right shoulder. I got ANOTHER cortisone shot (shot #4, eleven days after the last in my hip) for my shoulder. Just like my hip, that gave me significant relief but again, didn't RESOLVE it. That was the first week of September. I saw an ankle-osteo guy in late September (the MRI showed bone lesions in my ankle, it's called OCD) for the bone lesions...go figure the treatment is - yep...cortisone shot. He didn't think it was prudent to do ANOTHER cortisone shot when I've had so many and I don't really think the OCD is causing my plantar fasciitis problem.

October 2011: ASTYM therapy for the plantar fasciitis. It is the "gold standard" treatment and resolves plantar fasciitis in 97% of cases - I am the 3% for whom it doesn't work. We moved on to ultrasound therapy and deep tissue massage therapy, nothing but limited success.

December 2011: Back at the sports med doctor and I went ahead with cortisone shot #5, this one in my ankle. It did help the plantar fasciitis for a few days but it went back to "usual." He also ordered ANA, CRP and sed rate, I got the following results:

ANA Panel: negative
CRP: 21 (<5) HIGH
ESR: 31 (0-20) HIGH

His letter to me said that the elevated labs were attributed to the plantar fasciitis and not a connective tissue/inflammatory disease. He said he was out of ideas/options and handed me off to the ankle-osteo.

January 2012: I saw ankle-guy last week and after talking, he ordered ANA, CRP, SED rate, Chem panel, Vit D. All normal with the following exceptions:

CRP: 26 (<5) HIGH
ESR: 56 (0-20) HIGH
Vit. D, 25-Hydroxy: 14.3 (30-100) LOW

ANA Panel: negative
RA Factor: negative / 10.5 (0-13.9)

Okay...with all that in mind, I expect I'll be talking to the ankle-osteo tomorrow. What should I expect? Should I expect a referral to a rheumatologist with these numbers? I know the CRP and ESR are inflammation markers, do they indicate severity of inflammation? If so, do these numbers indicate "slight" inflammation? "Average" inflammation? "A lot" of inflammation?

I have noticed that my pain is bilateral - both hips seems to have trochanteric bursitis, both shoulders have mild bursitis, after looking at the physiology of the ankle/heel, I think that my pain is from heel bursitis (although only ONE foot hurts). These joints hurt bilaterally BUT - one is usually worse than the other, sometimes/often times significantly worse.

In total, a recap of my history:
Left and right shoulder bursitis, right side severe and treated with cortisone
Left and right hip bursitis, left side moderate to sharp pain and treated with cortisone x 2
Right ankle Osteochondritis Dissecans, treated with cortisone
Right heel plantar fasciitis / bursitis (?), treated with cortisone

I know this is A LOT - I live it. I am 45 years old and I get around as if I were 75. I worked SO HARD to lose all that weight and now, with my limited ability for exercise, I am gaining it back. I am TOO YOUNG to feel like this.

If anyone is still with me, I'd appreciate ANY thoughts, comments, or direction. I am a firm believer in being my own expert on my condition - I know my body better than anyone! - and my confidence in the medical community is pretty low.

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