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Re: Difficulty/Restricted Breathing

Hi Twiggles, Sorry you're feel awful. Hope it will soon pass.

I don't have an answer for you except to tell you what I would do - I'd get off this new diet, go back to whatever I was eating before and see how this goes. The Omeprazole is a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) and most of the time takes weeks to work - there being a few exceptions.

Why do you feel panicky? Is it because of the GERD or the breathlessness?

The breathlessness might be caused by the panic you're fighting. When this happens to me, I go with it and tell myself it's only an anxiety attack and it will pass. I keep telling myself, "And this too shall pass."

Most sufferers say GERD symptoms are worse at night. I'm just the opposite, I suffer all day but am able to sleep well at night.

Sending you good wishes and blessings,

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