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Re: I seem to have a strange cold like symptoms going on 9 days now?

Originally Posted by nec1912 View Post
I seem to have a strange cold like symptoms where on Sunday and Monday so tired where by I sleeping for 11 hours !! Than the tired gone away

Than Tuesday scratchy throat and light coughing than by the night the cratchy throat and light coughing gone away but a sore throat .Than Wednesday and Saturday mild earache and feels like water in my ear and mucus. By Friday sleepy and tired in the day and almost could not hear do to the water in my ear and mucus.

Now by saturday and sunday most of this is all gone other than some times of light coughing that comes and goes .We are now on Monday and when I talk my voice sounds very deep and a bit like when you stuffed up.I still coughing a bit.

To me it almost sounds like the cold is moving around in my body and my immune system is having a hard time chasing it. Has for those days where I had a mild earache and feels like water in my ear and mucus it was worse in the morning when I got out of bad.

The feeling of water in your ear and mucus is bad has you have hard time to hear.
Sounds like what I have and it started 3 months ago - this cold is relentless. My kids had it 4 times each and the cold travels throughout the body causing bronchitis, sinus infection, and ear infections. Right now i am on my second round of antibiotics. I thought I had a ear infection but turns out I have fluid backed up in my ears and throat. I got a sore throat for two days then I got extremly tired. There are times i could sleep all day. In the morning i have clear out all the mucus. Read other post about this cold.