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Re: Not sure if this is Neurological or not but Creepy Crawly Skin Sensations

Crusted scabies. They may have been on you for years and you never felt an itch. They multiply to hundreds of thousands or even millions, then the person feels bugs crawling on them. My doctors said I don't feel bugs crawling on me. I'm still looking for a knowledgeable doctor who knows about this condition. Do the ammonia test. Put some on a cotton ball and rub on your skin. Does it hurt, burn? If it does, you probably have scabies. Ammonia does not hurt or burn the skin normally. If you go to treat yourself, start with massage to get the nests cleaned out using Eucerin dry skin care or equate or vaseline. The medicated lotions hurt too much. I showed my doctors the bugs and they said, "vegetable matter." I said to one, "Dr. Mark, I am a caucasian woman and I don't have black things coming out of my body." He finally gave me the ivermectin with no cream to kill the bugs. These things are extremely contagious to anything you touch and everywhere you go. Funny thing, though, the only people who wore gloves were the ones at the emergency room.