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Re: Diagnosed with Bell's Palsy 11 days ago

Just a quick update, Day 25 and I am about 25% of the way back with movement on the left side of my face (cheak area). My smile is still very funky. My eye has gotten a little better the last couple days and hurts less. It still doesn't fully blink but I can shut it a little easier now without touching it. Also last night, for the first time I was able to keep my left eye closed while slightly opening my right eye.

What has been the most painfull so far is receiving the bill from the Hospital a couple days ago. For my TWO (2) hour visit, they charged me over $5,000 dollars. Which because of the insurance I have I still have to come up with almost $3,000 It is beyond absurd the prices that our hospitals charge. I'll leave that rant for another day, but need less to say next time I will die before going into the ER. Who can afford it even with insurance? Either you pay a ton of money per month for a low/no deductible policy or you pay less per month but pay a ton of money when you actually go to the hospital, either way you paying a ton of money, which most of us don't have.