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Re: Post Nissen Fundoplication Issues

I sympathize with what you're going through. I'm still taking a small amount of Lexapro (7.5mg) as I have just never worked up to 10 mg yet. I know I could feel better as far as depression goes but I am better than I was without Lexapro.

I really don't know anyone besides myself who had problems long enough both before and after NF that they are taking an AD except for one friend. She and I both have extenuating circumstances such as IBS and sleep apnea and they both combine to make things slow in recovering.

It will soon be 6 mos since my surgery and although it's been a long row to hoe I am better as far as the surgery goes. I still have to be careful about things like soda, caffeine, chocolate and fried foods but hot or spicy things don't really seem to bother me that much.

I have two grown children and recovering from childbirth was certainly much harder than the NF surgery. I never choked and when I bloated I used ice packs.

If you go through with the surgery, LISTEN to what your doctor says about the eating schedule. Keep a journal and write down how you feel after you have eaten. Eat slowly, do not overeat and take it easy and rest.

My age and putting the surgery off too long had an impact on my recovery and I think you will do fine. Don't worry about depression. It's a waste of time. My depression came about because of everything put together including not sleeping due to sleep apnea and steroids etc.

I do know about a half dozen people who have had the surgery and they are all doing well.

Take care!