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Re: Lost my Dad unexpectedly

Sorry to hear about your loss!! My father died unexpectedly also. He was actually in remission from cancer and losing weight to control his diabetes. Was doing very well until passing away suddenly from a massive heart attack. Did not see this coming. I found him in the morning and it was the only time in my life that I "lost it". I had seen death, had family members die, seen horrible things overseas in Iraq and thought that I would handle it better.
It is a hard thing to grieve and see those you love grieve and hurting. It took me personally 3 months to start to feel better or at least not have that empty feeling in your chest. For me my spirituality helped tremendously. You never know how to handle it and it is overwhelming. You never forget the loss, but it does get better. Death should never over shadow life.
If your father lived to be 70 then there is much more life than the moment of death. We are suppose to feel this way, the pain is a testament to the love we have for them. The deeper the pain the greater the love. It taught me how much I loved my father and I am grateful to grief for that.
It gives you a new perspective on life and makes you appreciate those you have with you. Hope my experience helps you some. Please feel free to talk about him if you like!!