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Re: I seem to have a strange cold like symptoms going on 9 days now?

Originally Posted by nec1912 View Post
I have no fever or achy bones .The sore throat was just that one day .

Has for the mild earache and feels like water in my ear and mucus it was worse in the morning when I got out of bad .And out of the 9 days that are 10 days now it was the worse on Wednesday , Saturday and friday. of last week. Now I do not seem to be getting this muhh and some times if I do it clears up in morning after walking around for 1 hour or less .

The stuffy and blocked up nose seems to be gone or well on its way out . Has I have not had major problems in the past 3 or 4 days.

The light coughing is still there and comes and goes like in waves . Put it other way I'm not light coughing 50% of the time in the day.

The tiredness and being sleepy I have not had for the past 4 or 5 days .
when I got the light coughing and thought I was getting better then boom! Got sick again with mucus once again. Mine I have to clear out in the morning and then I start to walk around it goes away. For me it is the dripping in the back of throat and the reason why I cough sometimes because if you to the mall for example and the mall's temperature is too hot then your throat gets dry and your nose get's stuffy. So it is temperature change in your environment that makes your nose react and throat react. I am thinking this is more a allergy reaction to the weird weather we are having rather than a virus.