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Re: Post Nissen Fundoplication Issues

Originally Posted by Sleepwalk View Post
Seldom do things happen to us in a vacuum. I am being assessed for an immune deficiency disorder I may have had all my life. It ties in with the GERD and the breathing problems I have as a result of the GERD. Things are better in some ways and so-so in other ways.

I will say I have no more acid coming up felt or silent. There is a huge improvement in that area. I lost my ability to taste as a result of the continual acid and that's getting better at last. Things take time.

I still sleep with my the head of my bed elevated but I no longer need PPIs and for that I'm very grateful.

Life is getting more normal for me. It's not the same normal I knew before the surgery or before GERD or the hernia or gastritis and IBS but it is getting better very slowly.

I do not have any patience. I am learning to have patience. It's either that or croak. I've had a career, raised a beautiful family, have a wonderful husband and am living well in my retirement but I am not a patient person.

The more patience you can practice the better off you will be. I want to get well "yesterday" and that's not how this surgery works whether or not you have extenuating circumstances. And I think most of us do.

When do you see your doctor next and have you asked all the questions you need to ask him? Don't be afraid to. If they can't answer your questions they don't deserve your business. My doc was good about answering questions as far as the NF went. The other stuff was out of his hands and that's where I had to become my own advocate. Don't be afraid to do that either. Stand up for yourself.

I hope this helps.
This is aboslutely the truth. My NF surgery on 1/1/11 was a nightmare for me. I woke up having esophageal spasms! This was what I had hoped would be elmaed by the surgery, as supposedly reflux is what cause the spasms? A long story short, I was in the hospital 4 weeks after due to severe weight loss, and dehydration. I could not eat as nothing would go down but soup. The surgeon found my wrp was too tight. I went ack to my GI doctor who said he would dilate my esophagus and nject Botox in it. I had never heard of this. He said it helps with the esophagus spasms as it takes time for all the swelling and inflamation to go away. I have now gone 11 days without a spasm! This is my longest since my surgery!! Please take charge of your life. Each doctor only takes responsibility for his part, not for you overall as a patient. I told both the surgeon and GI doctor, I was going to a specialized medical center for "Esophageal spasms" if this doesn't get better. I know there is help somewhere as long as you don't just believe everyhting your doctor tells you. They are human beings an don't have all the answers. I pray for all of you. I would never have had this surgery if I had read these posts and other blogs first. Thank you and God Bless us all!!