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Re: VERY PAINFUL Sinus Infection

First some thoughts on pain... If it hurts the most when you try to sleep, maybe try adding extra pillows so your head is more elevated. I also got relief from a heating pad & using motrin (anti-inflammatory).

As for the mold, I also thought that might be worsening my problem. I also thought I was suddenly allergic to my 3 animals, dust, my down comforter, you name it. My sinus infection (right maxillary) lasted 7 months & did not respond to any treatment so I finally had surgery 3 weeks ago and all my symptoms ended. Based on my culture results, my sinus infection stemmed from an infected tooth (which I also had pulled). I'm still on antibiotics b/c the bacteria infected some bone but I feel great now. I'm off all allergy meds.

I truly hope you will find a successful treatment. Hang in there.