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Re: Post Nissen Fundoplication Issues

Stay in touch. I wish I'd had someone to lead me through my complicated recovery and maybe I wouldn't have gotten completely worn out. I went to a web site where I was misled into thinking that everything would come up roses if I just did what this one lady who'd had NF had done. Wrong.

Don't listen to anyone - even me. Listen to yourself, make sure you have a good GI, a fantastic surgeon and that you keep good notes in your journal both before and after your surgery.

I could literally have strangled the person on the web site I was following who wanted me and everyone else to pattern their recovery after hers. So many others felt the same way but they were scared to death to say how they felt or to cross her or the group leaders because they had set this lady up as the poster child for NF recovery.

We are all individuals and we didn't get sick the same way and we won't get better in the exact same way. Trust me. We all have extenuating circumstances and they need to be taken into account, treated if need be and understood by someone other than you and your mate/partner/best friend or doctor.

I could write a book about it all and actually may do so. I am a writer and had to quit my job at the newspaper due to all my health issues with my GI problems both before and after NF.

One of the big problems with NF is that most of the people helping you out medically have never had the surgery. They have studied it and know how to treat it but they don't know how you really feel. Depression and anxiety just complicate things because it gets hard to separate them one from the other.

That's why I say be sure to do a journal. I'd be in a heckuva mess right now without my journals and my medical reports and receipts.

I'm always here if you need anything.

Take care.