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Since yesterday evening I have a pretty high-pitched ringing in my right ear (Tinnitus). I can really only hear it when I'm in a quite place, with day to day activities I can barely hear it and it can be ignored. Also, when someone talks with me it seems as if I'm standing next to a broken speaker (the ones that crack by certain frequencies).

I might have light sinus troubles, and I'm also taking antibiotics (had surgery somewhere completely different a week ago) so it could easily be one of those two things. I had a little bit of ringing for the past decades. I'm 33 years old.

Now, my question. I don't really care much about the reasons because it could be just anything under the sun and nobody really knows for sure. However, is there anyone out there who had Tinnitus for a few days, weeks, or even months and then have it go away entirely by itself?

Thanks for any answer in that regards.

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