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Re: Bad Cough and cold

Originally Posted by Booksilly View Post
I have been sick since last Saturday with a cold that started off with a cough, but the cough seems to have gotten worse and the cold has not subsided. I have used Robitussin and just recently NyQuil, but to no avail on getting rid of this bad cough that just seems to wrack my body. I have slight weezing, but I do not have asthma. I called my doctors office today and all they can suggest is going to the hospital, but I would rather not have to spend hours in an emergency room waiting to find out what might be wrong with me.
There is a terrible, terrible cold going around. I had it. And, yes, I can tell you that it was accompanied by one of the worse coughs I ever remember having. Congestion in my chest was so bad, I had hardly any voice for one week. A ridiculous amount of phglem was brought up by the coughing. I found Mucinex Severe Cough & Congestion to be better than Robitussin - largely because it offers a higher concentration of the expectorant. Drink lots and lots of fluids - tea and honey w/lemon will help with the cough. Also, inhaling steam will help break up the congestion.

I empathisize with you having gone through this cold & cough. All I can say it does get better - but at a snail's pace, and gradually the coughing will subside.

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